Ogaysiis: Machadka Nuurul Imaan Islamic Online.

Machadka Daarul Imaan Islamic Online.

Machad Nuur Al Iman (1)


Machadka Daarul Imaan Islamic Online. waxa uu kuugu bushaaraynayaa inaad ka heli karto hab Online ah oo lagugu bari doona Qur’aanka kariimka, Axaadiista, Siiradii Nageenii Suubana (SCW) iyo luqada Carabiga, dhamaan Casharadani waxay ku bixi doonan hab online ah oo Casriya meel kasta oo aad dunida ka joogto ku xidhnaw oo iska regester garee, Machadka Nuurul Iiman Islamic Online.

Wixii Faahfaahina ee intaa dheer Fadlan kala soo xidhiidh.

phone +252 63 4145613

email: indhayare150@gmail.com

 skype: nuuruiiman.

Nuurul Al Iman academy online Islamic studies provides high quality learning combined with Islamic teachings to promote a positive Muslim identity, Student Success is the very fiber that our institution is built upon. To the end, we offer a comprehensive Islamic studies and Arabic studies program in addition to the Islamic curriculum. This balanced approach will give students the skills and learning they need in order to move into the next phase of their Islamic education.


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