Amid rifts, Somali MPs table motion against speaker

As MPs set to vote on the new cabinet line-ups by the prime minister on Monday, Somali legislators have filed a motion resisting the speaker’s moderation for that session, in a further exacerbation for the country’s political crisis.

The MPs who accused the speaker of the parliament Mohamed Osman Jawari of undermining their efforts and expressed doubt in his leadership aim to prevent Mr. Jawari from chairing their meeting before cabinet’s vote started on Monday.

In their motion letter, MPs have censured Mr. Jawari of snubbing legislators’ inputs, and being biased to one political rival against the other by helping the president and the prime minister to form the
new cabinet ministers.

With the signature of two of the speaker’s deputies, parliamentarians rebuked the speaker of being in the centre of political rivalry that left the current government gridlocked.

“Having seen your failure in repenting your personal interests, we can’t be convinced in trusting you with the parliament’s chair.” MPs said in the motion letter against the speaker.

Meanwhile, the legislators haven’t presented the names of the MPs submitted the motion, however, sources say their identities will be read out at the upcoming parliament’s session on Monday.


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